Shamim Mayanja

My Main Source of Income Is My Marriage – Actress Shamim Mayanja

Renowned actress Shamim Mayanja’s revelation that her primary source of income is her marriage has raised dust on social media.

While a section of women strives for equal partnership in their marriages, this is not the case in Shamim Mayanja’s household, based on her most recent revelation.

While appearing in a candid interview with NTV’s Mwasuze Mutya show, Shamim revealed that she hardly spends her money on household necessities.

Shamim Mayanja

Shamim added that even when she uses her money to pay bills, her husband asks her to note the amount she has used and he would reimburse it.

In fact, I have a book where I keep track of the money he owes me.” Shamim added in her interview.

However, the actress’s admission has subsequently elicited a range of responses from internet users, with some claiming that women with Shamim’s perspective are egocentric.

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Others, however, have heaped praise on Shamim’s husband, pointing out how uncommon it is for males to behave in such a manner of fulfilling their familial commitments.

“My main source of income is my marriage. My husband rarely asks me to pay bills, and even when I do, he asks me to note the amount so that he can pay it back. In fact, I have a book where I keep track of the money he owes me.” Shamim Mayanja


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