Nince Henry, A Pass

Nince Henry Urges A Pass to Get Out of the Confort Zone and Revive his Musical Form

Singer and songwriter Nince Henry has called out Alexander Bagonza alias A Pass to pull up his socks to revive his musical form.

A few days back, A Pass released his single dubbed ‘Abantu’ which is not doing badly on the music charts.

Despite the song portraying A Pass’ lyrical prowess, fellow singer Nince Henry is not pleased with the direction A Pass is currently taking.

Nince Henry

Nince Henry revealed that initially, A Pass could release music that got everyone dancing but it looks like he is losing track.

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The “Cinderella” singer added that A Pass should regain his composure and revert to the persona that the public knows and loves.

Naye Apass onyiiza. Omuntu ayatandika ngokuba real music. All my Apple Music playlist is full of your old music. Kati okaaba bukaabi nga gwebatademu omuti! Eyo jolaga mukwemoola nokuwomelela fe jetwava ate gwe jodda! Get the f…k back to your senses and bring back the real APass brother! The industry is now for extroverts not for neurotics. That melancholic vibe is a cliché right now. Make people dance!


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