Ziza Bafana

“No Musician Ever Indulged In Politics Take Me On In a Music Battle” – Ziza Bafana

Singer Richard Kasendwa alias Ziza Bafana has revealed that many Ugandan musicians join politics after failing musically.

The last few years have seen an exodus of musicians taking a shot at politics some coming out with great success while others with disastrous results.

Jose Chameleone, Dr. Hilderman, Bobi Wine, Recheal Magoola, Kalifa Aganaga, and many others adopted a political stance.

However, dancehall singer Ziza Bafana believes these musicians take political routes after realising that they had lost their musical holds.

Bafana contends that any musician that has ever indulged in politics can’t challenge him musically unless when it is in the context of politics.

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Bafana maintained whether they rely on spells or God, politically affiliated musicians can’t take him on in a music battle.


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