NEWSZiza Bafana Spends the Easter Weekend Bedridden

Ziza Bafana Spends the Easter Weekend Bedridden

Sad news on our desk indicates that dancehall singer Ziza Bafana spent the Easter weekend bedridden.

Based on a video clip shared by singer Kid Dee, Bafana can be seen on a hospital bed seemingly in excruciating pain.

According to Kid Dee’s commentary in the video, he was informed about Bafana’s illness by mutual friends, but he didn’t take it seriously until he watched reports on TV.

The ailment knocked Bafana down towards the start of the Easter weekend, and this saw the self-proclaimed dancehall god miss out on his booked Easter gigs.

Ziza Bafana

Speaking to his colleagues, Bafana attributed the genesis of the ulcers he is currently battling to his bad eating habits and urged his colleagues not to make the same mistake.

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Bafana joins the list of music players battling ulcers which already bears veteran producer Didi’s name.


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