King Saha

Koko J. Accuses King Saha of Attempted Murder

Koko J, a member of King Saha’s team, has made accusations against him, claiming that King Saha tried to take his own life. According to Koko J, he was with King Saha and his group in Masaka.

During the night, a situation occurred that Koko J couldn’t comprehend. When he asked for an explanation, everyone refused and accused him of being intoxicated.

Later that night, Saha disappeared to an unknown place, and later Koko J was blamed for being a spy.

Koko J expressed his confusion, stating that he had been with Saha for over eight years without any suspicions.

Furthermore, Koko J mentioned that he overheard Saha saying that even if something were to happen to him, no one would investigate.

King Saha

In a telephone interview with BBS TV, however, Saha denied Koko’s allegations, firmly stating that they are baseless and untrue.

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Saha also mentioned that Koko might have had misunderstandings with his colleagues, but everything is fine within his music camp.

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