Pallaso Reflects on The Year 2023, Reveals It Has Been His Most Remarkable Year.

Singer Pallaso has expressed his gratitude for the year 2023, which has been a remarkable one for him. Pius Mayanja, also known as Pallaso, is a member of Team Good Music and he is thankful for the accomplishments he has achieved throughout the year.

As the year draws to a close, many individuals reflect on their successes and failures. Pallaso, in particular, is grateful for the success he has had in producing hit songs, topping music charts, and performing in sold-out stadiums.

Furthermore, Pallaso holds a special place in his heart for the recognition he received from the king of Buganda during his 68th birthday celebration at the Lubiri Palace in Mengo. This experience is something he will forever cherish from the year 2023.

Despite the challenges and controversies that surrounded him, Pallaso emphasizes that he had one of the most successful concerts.


Additionally, collaborating with Jamaican dancehall sensation Konshens and reuniting with his children Maisha and Dinari after many years have made his year truly wonderful.

Currently, Pallaso eagerly awaits the arrival of 2024 and he sincerely hopes that it will be an even more amazing year. He humbly pleads to God for a year filled with blessings and greatness.

I have made hits, topped count downs, Killed stadiums, I have been appreciated by the great king of Buganda, I have had the most succesful concert above all circumstances, I have made collaboration with Konshens and I have met my kids after so many years. What a great year 2023. 2024 loading while we already loaded
Thank you God thank you my people


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