Pallaso’s Performance in London Allegedly Cancelled over Thumping Alien Skin Recently

Pallaso has been removed from the Purple Party London concert roster as a result of his recent assault on fellow musician Alien Skin.

On Wednesday night while appearing in an interview with Galaxy TV, Alien Skin revealed how he had pulled out of the London Purple Party performance.

Alien Skin’s decision stemmed from the promoter’s failure to adhere to his demands, of choosing between him and his nemesis Pallaso given the pair’s prevailing animosity.

Initially, the organisers had lined up a number of musicians, including Alien Skin and his nemesis Pallaso, with whom the former had vowed not to share the same stage following the rift between them.

Despite obtaining travel documents for every musician on the list, the event management was forced to forgo Pallaso’s involvement in the event citing the vicious saga he got embroiled in with fellow musician Alien Skin in Kampala.

Alien Skin

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However, rumours have it that the management is trying to persuade Alien Skin to reconsider after he had cancelled his performance since the management had failed to choose between him and Pallaso.

The management made the revelation through a press statement, that has been making rounds on social media.

Apologies: The organisers of Purple Party London Edition, which is slated to happen this Saturday, June 24th, at the Royal Regency Hall, would like to inform Ugandans in London that musician Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso will not be performing at the party due to unforeseeable circumstances that have been raised by the Management of the venue, following the vicious saga he got involved in with fellow artist Alien Skin in Kampala a few weeks back. We kindly apologize for the inconvenience caused by this development.


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