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Patrick Salvado Brands Musicians Selfish Over Snubbing Alex Muhangi Amidst Tax Battles With URA

Renowned comedian Patrick Salvado has called out fellow musicians to rally behind Alex Muhangi in his ongoing battle against the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA).

In a recent Facebook live broadcast, Salvado expressed his frustration with the excessive taxes imposed on the Comedy Store, a popular comedy show organized by Alex Muhangi.

The Comedy Store, which was previously held at the UMA showground, was forced to relocate to Lazio Bar due to the financial burden caused by the high taxes.

Despite musicians’ significant role in the Comedy Store and the substantial fees they receive for their performances, Salvado noted that they have remained silent on the matter.

Salvado emphasized the need for unity among musicians, urging them to join forces with Muhangi and assist him in reclaiming the Comedy Store.

Patrick Salvador

He specifically mentioned Eddy Kenzo and his UNMF (Uganda National Musicians Federation), calling on them to show their support.

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The excessive revenue demanded by the URA has not only affected the Comedy Store but also posed a threat to the entertainment industry.


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