Patrick Salvado Reveals His Virginity Was Broken By a S#x Vendor

Comedian Patrick Salvado recently revealed that his virginity was broken by a s3x worker while on a work trip in Mbarara.

In a candid interview with media personality Ruth Kalibala, Patrick Salvado shared his experience of a business trip with one of the telecommunication companies.

He was assigned to Mbarara to study the latest systems implemented by the company before he crossed paths with a woman who caught his attention.

Unbeknownst to him, she was a s3x vendor. As the night progressed, their connection grew stronger, and they eventually engaged in a conjugal marathon.

It was only after their intimate moment that the woman revealed her true profession and requested payment for her services.

This revelation came as a shock to Salvador, who had no idea about the woman’s occupation. However, instead of feeling anger or resentment, he expressed gratitude towards her for teaching him about s#x and broadening his understanding of intimacy.

Patrick Salvado

A while after parting ways with the s#x vendor, Patrick Salvado encountered Daphine Franckstock, who he asserts was his first romantic partner. Their bond flourished into a profound connection, resulting in them having children and getting married.

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Salvado asserted that he does not regret encountering the s#x worker, highlighting her pivotal role in his sexual enlightenment, and conveyed his readiness to present her with Ugx 5M should their paths intertwine once more.


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