Patrick Salvado

Patrick Salvado Shares His Harrowing Flight Experience From Nairobi to Kigali Due to Weather Challenges

Renowned comedian Patrick Salvado recently embarked on a journey from Nairobi to Kigali for his comedy show but encountered a series of setbacks as the flight was delayed and thick cloud cover hindered landings.

The gruelling 18-hour ordeal at the airport left the comedian fatigued, sleep-deprived, and still wearing the same attire.

Having missed his gig, Salvado opted to pursue an alternative route to Entebbe, Uganda. Ultimately, he expresses gratitude for his safety while eagerly awaiting his long-awaited return home.

Several hours later, Patrick Salvado provided an update, sharing how he had finally arrived home unharmed and in good spirits.

Patrick Salvado

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16th Dec – 10:00pm – Arrive at JKIA aboard KenyaAirways excited to catch my connecting flight to Kigali and Midnight only to find out flight has been delayed by an hour .. No problem cos I can still make it for my gig happening that night. 17th Dec – 1:30am – We depart JKIA for Kigali airport, the plane can’t land bse the cloud cover is too thick, we hover around Kigali for an 30 minutes until pilot decides to fly back for safety reasons. 17th Dec – 4:00am – We arrive back at JKIA and sent to the waiting gate for further instructions, a gruesome 2 hours later, an announcement is made that we can board coz an all clear in Kigali had been given. 17th Dec – 6:30am – awe depart JKIA again and head to Kigali, the pilot announced “Cabin crew please prepare for landing” … in my heart I’m exited but looking outside the cloud cover is madder than before .. but I’m comforted by the fact that the pilot hasn’t said anything else. The hovering begins, 1.30 hrs of hovering around Kigali with the pilot hoping the weather will clear Naye wapi … so he decides again to consider safety by advising us to head back to JKIA 17th Dec – 9:30am – There is chaos at the transfer desk as passengers demand for solutions, the airlines comes with some ideas and the situation calms down, the next available flight is tomorrow 18th Dec a few flights available today, the staff at the desk work their magic and everyone is satisfied except me. See I was heading to Kigali for a show, my sole purpose of the travel was to make people laugh, but bse of the misfortune that happened, I couldn’t fulfil my obligation … so I asked the KQ help desk team to consider changing my ticket so that I fly directly to Entebbe cos I’m very frustrated and tired. I’ve only managed to get a total of 1 hour of sleep since yesterday. Ive been trying to get a new booking to take me back home since .. and I’m seated here .. waiting on an email to be responded to that cab authorise this change. I feel filthy, haven’t had a bath since yesterday and still wearing the same clothes .. my bags only God and the crew know where they are. All I can say I’m glad to be alive cos that experience was scary … so 18 hours later I’ll still continue waiting for that authoritarian .. I pray I can get on the 5pm flight cos I just want to get home, haven’t been home in 8 days


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