Phina Mugerwa Introduces Zungu Fiance to Her Parents in Kawala

Singer Phina Mugerwa and her Zungu fiance earlier today held a highly concealed introduction ceremony at the former’s parents.

Phina Mugerwa’s introduction follows her “Kukyala” ceremony, which was held at the beginning of June this year.

Based on the Invitation card accessed by Exclusive Bizz, Phina’s introduction was held at her parents’ home Mr. Francis Kiwanuka and Mrs. Annet Kiwanuka in Kawala Zone 2.

The highly secretive ceremony commenced at 11:00 AM and was strictly open to only a few invited guests.

Phina Mugerwa

Some guests claimed that they were prohibited from taking photos or recordings and only authorised videographers were authorised to do so.

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The ceremony was graced by a few members of the media, close friends, family and relatives. This is not Phina’s first marriage, as she has over the years engaged in multiple failed romantic relationships.


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