Freedom City

Police Confirms the Death of 9 People in a Rash & Neglect Incident at Freedom City Mall

The Uganda Police have confirmed the death of nine people in a rash and neglect incident at Freedom City Mall.

As the world rang in the year 2023, many stormed popular hangout spots like Freedom City Mall to be part of the new year’s eve festivities.

However, it is alleged that upon the time struck midnight, the event’s emcee urged revelers to head outdoors and witness the fireworks display.

Moments after the jaw-dropping display, a stampede ensued, resulting in the instant deaths of five people and injuries to several others.

Freedom City

According to the Police statement issued by ASP Luke Owoyesigyire Deputy PRO KMP, the emergency responders arrived on the scene and transported the injured individuals to the hospital, where nine were confirmed dead.

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As the investigation into the incident deepens, the bodies were eventually moved to City Mortuary Mulago.


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