Brisher Kash

Power King Sends Tiktoker Brisher Kash to Prison for Vandalizing a Computer

Renowned TikToker Brisher Kash was sent to prison by Power King Hotel management for allegedly vandalizing a desktop computer.

According to Reports surrounding Brisher’s arrested, Power King Hotel booked Alien Skin to perform at their event on 9th June 2023, with the former as the host.

Alien Skin, on the other hand, missed the Power King event in favour of his Sitya Danger Concert at Freedom City.

Upon revellers learning that Alien Skin would not attend the event, they turned unruly and vandalized valuable property.

As the scuffle mounted, TikTok sensation Brisher Kash bumped into a desktop computer, breaking it beyond repair.

Brisher Kash

The Hotel Management reacted by detaining Brisher Kash at Namungoona Police Station, charging her with vandalizing property.

Before being released, Power King Management claims that they want Brisha to make up for the computer she damaged, which cost Ugx 3 million.

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As of the time of publication, TikTokers were raising the Ugx 3 million that Power King is requesting in order for their own to reclaim her freedom.

Have a  look at the video below.


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