Prima Kadarshi Opens Up on Why She Travels to Malaysia, Thailand and Dubai More often

Singer Geosteady’s baby mama Prima Kadarshi has come public and shed more light on why she always travels to Malaysia, Thailand, and Dubai more often.

Yesterday social media was washed off its feet following Prima and Geosteady’s embroilment in a heated online argument.

Midway through their argument, Gesoteady assured Prima that he won’t tell the public why she routinely visits Malaysia, Thailand, and Dubai.

Despite not mentioning Prima’s duties in these nations, netizens were so quick to speculate that the mother of two offers sexual services to moneyed tycoons.

Prima Kadarshi

However, earlier today, Prima through her socials cleared the air, noting that being a beautician, she always opts for Asian countries because they have a wider selection of beauty goods than other regions of the world.

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She added that the low price of these goods results in a high profit margin when the merchandise is sold in Uganda.

Kibalemye kukola mudde mu dubaya.
Those selling cosmetics know ey can get as many products for sale from Asian countries very cheaply.
Try it n do the math after selling ur stock in Ug.

Prima Kadarshi


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