King Saha, producer Didi

Producer Didi Narrates How He Discovered King Saha’s Talent

Celebrated producer Didi real name Abdul Karim Muchwa has narrated how he discovered one of Uganda’s decorated singers King Saha.

Over a decade back, producer Didi was one of the prominent producers, who shared their shine with several music industry players before losing almost everything.

Didi did not only bless the industry with good music but also nurtured many talents that are currently somewhere at the pinnacle of the Uganda music industry.

Kingslove Entertainment chief Mansur Ssemanda alias King Saha is one of the musicians that were fathered by Didi as far as the music business is concerned.

While taking part in an interview recently, Didi narrated how he came into contact with King Saha to make him Uganda’s music sensation.

King Saha

The producer revealed that King Saha, who formerly lived in Kigungu, in the company of Geosteady stormed his Makinidye studio for music production services.

After producing King Saha’s song, Didi was impressed by the former’s talent and persuaded him to go back to Kigungu and bid farewell to his mother, claiming that the singer’s talent belonged in the city and not the countryside.

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Didi and Saha later put pen to paper and embarked on a serious music business that has since proved effective.

King Saha’s career turned around with the release of his blockbuster song, “Signal,” and as we publish this, the singer is among the most celebrated artists Uganda has ever produced.

Have a look at the video below.


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