Alien Skin

Qualities of Alien Skin’s Ideal Woman Will Shock You

Singer Alien Skin of ‘Sitya Danger’ fame has raised a few eyebrows upon listing the qualities of his ideal woman.

Alien Skin is one of the upcoming musicians with an unparalleled ambition to dominate the music industry.

Following his aggressive lifestyle, Alien during an interview was questioned whether he is in love with someone’s daughter.

The singer emphasized that although he hasn’t yet, he would like to find someone who could put up with his lifestyle.

Alien Skin

He sarcastically added that he is unbothered by the woman’s looks, but she should have various body piercings, Tattoos, and should be able to mistreat her inlaws.

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Alien’s revelation, however, has left his fans perplexed, questioning why one would opt for a woman with such qualities.


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