Rango Tenge Tenge appeals for assistance in finishing the construction of his multi-storey mansion

Social media sensation Rango Tenge Tenge real name is Saadi Ssozi has made a public appeal for assistance in finishing the construction of his multi-storey mansion.

While addressing the press earlier today, Rango disclosed that he had been out of the spotlight for several months due to disagreements with his management and his demanding academic pursuits.

The 11-year-old mentioned that efforts are being made by both himself and his management to resolve their issues and resume working together soon.

Furthermore, Rango shared that despite not generating income from his social media activities, he is committed to completing his mansion project.

He emphasized that upon completion, the mansion would provide a better quality of life for himself and his family.

Rango Tenge Tenge

Nevertheless, he acknowledged facing financial challenges and is currently serving materials to the builders to save money.

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Therefore, he appealed to any well-wishers to contribute towards the completion of his house so that his family could enjoy the life they deserve.


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