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Ras Gokas Acusses Daxx Kartel of Stealing His “Sawa Ya Kukwacha” Song

Comic singer Daxx Kartel Omuryeruba real name Sebunya Sebyaala Suleiman is making news headlines for all the bad reasons in light of stealing a song from one of the upcoming artists known as Ras Gokas.

According to Ras Gokas, he penned the song over four years back and he has been performing it on several streets of Kampala.

However, at the start of this month, he received calls from all corners inquiring if he had sold the song to Daxx Kartel as he had recorded it and distributed it to various music stores.

It is at this point that Ras Gokas vented his with disapointment Daxx Kartel in a video Exclusive Bizz obtained, warning him against performing his song without his permission adding that he doesn’t want anyone to meddle with his craft.

Ras Gokas further voiced his displeasure with Daxx Kartel for failing to execute the song to the original composition’s level of perfection.

Daxx Kartel

The song in dispute promotes Khat (Nkwacho) usage and expounds on the most favoured ingredients used when chewing it.

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The upcoming singer went on to give Daxx Khan an altimetum of two days from the date of the video publication to retract the song from everywhere he distributed it, cease from performing it and if possible issue an apology for tampering with works that are not his.

@exclusive_bizz Daxx Kartel Accused of stealing Ras Gokas’s song Okukwacha. #fypシ #gossip #rasgokas ♬ original sound – Exclusive_Bizz


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