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Ray G Believes Not Every Musician Has to Base In Kampala to Thrive in The Music Industry

Singer Ray G has shared his perspective on the Ugandan music industry, stating that every musician doesn’t need to be based in Kampala.

In an interview with Sanyuka TV, Ray G emphasized the importance of talent being evenly distributed throughout the country, highlighting that musicians can thrive in their respective regions and still have their music reach all corners of Uganda.

He expressed concern for upcoming musicians who feel they must relocate to Kampala to succeed. He argued that resources in the city can be limited and may hinder their ambitions.

He suggested that these artists could achieve success by staying in their regions and receiving support from their communities.

According to Ray G, by staying in their regions, musicians can make a name for themselves at a local level. This local recognition can eventually lead to national recognition, allowing them to reach a wider audience.

Ray G

He believes that the music industry should not be centralized in one location, but rather spread across the country, allowing for diverse talent to flourish.

Ray G’s perspective challenges the notion that success in the music industry can only be achieved by being based in Kampala.

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He believes that musicians should have the freedom to choose where they want to be based and still have the opportunity to succeed.


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