Rema K, Cindy Sanyu

Rema K Says Cindy Would Have Advised Her Off-Stage Than Embarrassing Her Infront Of Her fans

Young performer Rema K says Cindy Sanyu would have advised her backstage instead of embarrassing her in front of her fans.

A few days back, singer Cindy Sanyu cut short rising star Rema K’s performance on grounds that she is too young to be on stage past midnight.

Cindy further noted that the 9-year-old singer was oozing raunchy dance moves on stage, something she found unpleasant according to her age.

Appearing in interviews with various media outlets, Rema K revealed that Cindy rubbed her the wrong way when she halted her performance.

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Teary Rema further noted that she is her family’s breadwinner, and responsible to foot her sibling’s school fees.

The young singer went ahead and made it known that she wouldn’t be performing in bars, but she is currently looking for money to facilitate media houses to play her music videos.


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