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Respect Your Child and Mind About Your Brand – Phina Mugerwa Cautions Grace Khan

Veteran singer Phina Mugerwa has cautioned fellow singer Grace Khan against constantly embroiling her brand and daughter in social media drama.

A few days back, Grace Khan appeared in a social media video expressing her challenges raising her daughter Grannah.

In the video, Grace Khan expressed her dissatisfaction with baby daddy Prince Omar and his family, for not doing enough to see that their daughter had access to daily life necessities.

However, Grace Khan’s rants didn’t settle well with a section of netizens, including fellow singer Phina Mugerwa.


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Taking to Facebook, Phina advised Grace Khan to embrace her single mother status rather than ranting over child support on social media.

Phina noted that when she previously visited Grace Khan, she spoke to her as a fellow mother, but it appears the advice was overlooked.

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Furthermore, Phina noted that Grace Khan should be mindful of her brand citing that the direction she is currently pursuing might not be the best.



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