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Revelers Destroy Property After Alien Skin Failed to Perform in Kasambya

Frangon Forest Entertainment singer Alien Skin is on the spot over snubbing an event in Kasambya hence revellers destroying property.

According to reports, Alien Skin was on 08th July 2023 scheduled to perform at three events including Masindi, Mubende and Kasambya.

However, due to schedule constraints, Alien Skin snubbed the Kasambya event and only performing only in Masindi and Mubende.

When partiers in Kasambya learned that Alien Skin wouldn’t be attending the event, they got rowdy and started vandalising property including plastic chairs, musical instruments, surrounding homes, and many other valuables.

While speaking to the press, the Kasambya event organiser urged Alien Skin to publicly apologise for missing his event.

Alien Skin

He added that the singer must compensate for the damaged property and only the sound equipment cost Ugx 20M.

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As of the time of publication, Alien Skin had not responded to the accusations, but we will keep you posted when he issues an official statement regarding the matter.


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