Ann Taylor, Rogers Ssenubya (SB4)

Rogers Ssebunya (SB4) Recounts the Journey Of Searching For a Child With Ann Taylor For 8 Years

During the interview, Rogers Ssebunya (SB4) opened up about the emotional rollercoaster they experienced during their eight-year journey to parenthood.

He expressed how they had tried various recommended methods, including fertility treatments and consultations with medical professionals, but were left puzzled as to why they were unable to conceive.

In the face of inquiries from friends, family, and fans about their childlessness, SB4 and Ann Taylor chose to respond by saying they simply weren’t ready to have children yet.

This response was a way to deflect the pressure and judgment they felt from society, as well as to protect their own emotions.

However, their patience and unwavering faith eventually paid off when Ann Taylor finally conceived. The couple was overjoyed to learn that they were expecting not just one, but a set of twins.

Ann Taylor, SB4

Rogers Ssebunya (SB4) expressed his gratitude and emphasized the significance of men being patient and supportive of their partners during the challenging journey of trying to get a child.

He acknowledged that it can be difficult for both partners when they face difficulties in starting a family, but he encouraged men to be understanding and compassionate towards their partners.

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Rogers Ssebunya (SB4) also highlighted the essence of trusting in God’s plan, as sometimes things happen in their own time and for a reason.

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