Ronald Alimpa

Ronald Alimpa’s mother asks for a piece of land and a cow after making peace with her son

A while back, Ronald Alimpa showed disrespect towards his mother and mistreated her, which greatly upset his fans.

As a result, the singer and his mother had a falling out and have not been seeing eye to eye since then.

However, over the weekend, Alimpa traveled to Masaka and sincerely apologized to his mother for all the wrongs he had done to her.

His mother accepted his apology and revealed that their strained relationship was partly due to the influence of his girlfriend.

Ronald Alimpa

She expressed her gratitude for acknowledging his mistakes and prayed for blessings to come his way as he strives to improve himself.

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Furthermore, the mother requested that her son work diligently and purchase for her a piece of land and a cow, as she also desires to live a comfortable life.


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