Ronald Mayinja, Joy Nagawa

Ronald Mayinja Entangled In a Land Dispute With Ex-Side Chic Joy Nagawa

Singer Ronald Mayinja finds himself entangled in a legal dispute with his former partner, Joy Nagawa.

According to Nagawa, she and Mayinja embarked on a romantic voyage in 2022, during which he gifted her a piece of land and the land title was subsequently changed from the latter’s name to the former’s.

However, after the land was gifted, Mayinja requested Nagawa to obtain a loan of Ugx 75 million from the bank, using the land title as collateral.

Both parties have been making repayments, but there is still an outstanding balance of approximately Ugx 35 million.

Upon Mayinja’s return from the UK, he and his lawyers demanded that Nagawa return the land title to him, despite it being held by the bank.

Nagawa expresses concern for her safety, as Mayinja continues to threaten her with imprisonment if she does not comply with his demands.

Ronald Mayinja,

She further revealed lending Mayinja Ugx 37 in the past and expresses her intention to give back his land title, but only once the bank loan is completely paid off and he has returned the borrowed money.

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Nagawa emphasizes that she is no longer interested in any romantic or business relationship with Mayinja, citing his lack of trustworthiness.

In response, Ronald Mayinja maintains that Nagawa’s allegations are false and intended to tarnish his name and reputation. He insists that his demands from Nagawa are supported by evidence.


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