Ronald Mayinja

Ronald Mayinja Reacts to Leaked Viral Namukwaya Video

Singer Ronald Mayinja has responded to the viral video featuring him calling out “Namukwaya”. Mayinja’s response comes in light of a leaked viral clip, which depicted him shouting, singing and calling out the name “Namukwaya.”

While addressing the press, Mayinja clarified that it was a behind-the-scenes moment during the recording of an advert for Alien Skin’s upcoming “Nkwacho” festival.

He clarified that the comments made were not intended for public consumption but were rather a part of the production process.

Ronald Mayinja

Expressing his disappointment, Mayinja emphasized that the leaked video was a breach of his privacy and consent.

He stressed that incidents like these are common during the production of any project and should not be shared on the internet without the knowledge and permission of those involved.


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