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Ronald Mayinja Reveals He Has Never Apologized to Bobi Wine and Doesn’t Need His Second Chance

Singer Ronald Mayinja has expressed his disinterest in being given a second chance by fellow singer and NUP political party leader Bobi Wine.

A few years ago, Ronald Mayinja was highly regarded within Bobi Wine’s NUP political party until he defected and aligned himself with the ruling party NRM.

As a result of his decision, Mayinja faced criticism from a portion of his fan base, which is believed to have played a role in his subsequent relocation to London.

In the course of the week, Alien Skin, who has been in conflict with Bobi Wine’s supporters, disclosed that he has never aligned himself with them.

Furthermore, he emphasized that he does not require any favours from the NUP leader before imploring him to pass them on to Ronald Mayinja or Big Eye.

Ronald Mayinja

Upon encountering Alien’s statement, Ronald Mayinja disclosed that he has never expressed remorse for defecting to NRM, in an effort to regain Bobi Wine’s favour or his supporters, and has no desire to occupy any place in their affections anymore.

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Mayinja clarified that his previous apology was directed towards his supporters who had expressed their dissatisfaction with the artist’s political involvement and lack of new music production.


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