Akolagye Ruth Agora

Ruth Akoragye Slaps Victor Kamenyo with Intension to Sue Papers for Using Her Name in His Song

Singer Victor Kamenyo’s ex-lover Ruth Akoragye Agora has reportedly dragged the singer to court for using her name in his most recently released song.

Following the end of Victor Kamenyo and Ruth’s relationship, the former exposed the latter’s dirty linen in his song dubbed Nakukyawa.

Upon crossing paths with the song, Ruth revealed that she wasn’t bothered by the song lyrics, but urged the singer to drop her name from the song title.

She continued by giving Victor Kamenyo a deadline of two days to follow her instructions or face the repercussions.

Victor Kamenyo, Ruth Akoragye

Upon the two days elapsing minus Kamenyo recting favorably Ruth’s requests, she filed a lawsuit in order to obtain justice.

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Based on the most recent video shared by Victor Kamenyo, he revealed that Ruth served him with intension to papers, and their first court hearing is scheduled to commence on 7th November.

Have a look at the video below.


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