Sandra Teta, Weasel Manizo

Sandra Teta ready to raise all of Weasel Manizo’s kids, regardless of their different mothers.

Sandra Teta recently shared her willingness to care for all of Weasel Manizo’s children, regardless of the fact that they have different mothers.

The Goodlife singer’s partner, Sandra Teta, made an appearance on a local TV station where she discussed the dynamics of her relationship with the musician.

During the interview, Sandra Teta expressed that her bond with Weasel is thriving and she is grateful to have met such a man.

Having two children with Weasel, Sandra stated that she is prepared to fulfill her responsibilities as a mother and look after all the children that the singer has from previous or other relationships.

Weasel, Sandra Teta

Moreover, Sandra mentioned that even if Weasel were to have another child outside of their relationship, she would be willing to embrace the new addition to their family without affecting their relationship.

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This demonstrates her immense capacity for love and her willingness to create a harmonious and loving family environment for all the children involved.

@nowviba Sandra Teta says she is willing to welcome all the kids Weasel brings to her as his. Video credit: Sanyuka TV #nowviba #nowvibaug #nowvibanews #new #fyp #trending #gossip #sandrateta #pallaso #pallasomusic🇺🇬 #kingoftheeast #family #weasel #weaselgang ♬ original sound – NowvibaUg


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