Sandra Teta, Weasel Manizo

Sandra Teta reveals why English is the only Preferred Language for Her Children with Weasel

Sandra Teta, the partner of popular Ugandan musician Weasel Manizo, recently opened up about her preference for her children to speak English rather than any local language.

In an interview with Ruth Kalimbbala, Sandra expressed her discomfort in hearing her young children speak Luganda or Kinyarwanda, the native languages of Weasel and her respectively.

As a Munyaranda, Sandra Teta explained that it often surprises people that her children do not speak her native language or Luganda, which is widely spoken in Uganda.

She further revealed that she did not grow up speaking Kinyarwanda, her native language, but learned it later in life. Sandra believes that her children will follow a similar path and eventually learn the local languages as they grow older.

Despite facing language barriers with Ugandans who do not understand English, Sandra remains confident that most Ugandans have at least a basic understanding of the language. She believes that English is a universal language that can bridge communication gaps and provide her children with more opportunities in the future.

Sandra Teta

Sandra’s preference for English over local languages may stem from various factors, including the influence of Western culture and the belief that English proficiency can open doors to better education and career prospects.

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However, her stance has sparked a debate among Ugandans who argue for the preservation of local languages and cultural heritage.


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