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Sasha Brighton Recounts When Her Phone was Stolen By a Supposed Client

During an interview with Spark TV, Sasha Brighton recounts her harrowing experience when her phone was stolen, suspecting that Evelyn Lagu had conspired with the thief.

According to Sasha, the deceased Evelyn Lagu had secured her a gig opportunity and connected her with a potential client.

However, the client unexpectedly requested Sasha’s phone and password, claiming the need to make a call, only to vanish with the device.

Sometime later, the thief was apprehended, and it was discovered that he had committed sexual assault against several girls.

Sasha Brighton

Sasha Brighton was summoned, only to realize that the same individual was responsible for her phone theft.

He was subsequently taken into custody by the CPS and later transferred to Katwe Police Stations before being incarcerated.

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Sasha Brighton’s case has been brought to attention after singer Shakira’s nude photo scandal, where an unknown person stole her device and proceeded to share semi-nude photos while demanding a large sum of money for its return.


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