Shakira Shakira Blames Stolen Mobile Device For Leaked Semi-Nude Photos.

For several days, images portraying Shakira Shakira in a partially unclothed state have been circulating on various social media platforms.

Taking to Snapchat, Shakira Shakira has revealed that her mobile device was unlawfully taken, which has resulted in the unauthorized dissemination of her explicit photos.

The incident has left Shakira feeling violated and deeply disturbed, as she never intended for these private images to be made public.

It is still unclear how the device was taken or who is responsible for the theft, but it is believed that the thief gained access to the explicit photographs stored on the device and subsequently shared them online.

Shakira has observed that the individuals responsible for the unauthorized dissemination of her photographs have been attempting to exploit the situation by demanding monetary compensation from her, initially requesting Ugx 100M, then reducing the amount to Ugx 50M, and subsequently to Ugx 20M.

Shakira Shakira

The vocalist, nonetheless, asserts that she is prepared to endure the humiliation, as she is unwilling to disburse the sum requested by the offenders.

Additionally, Shakira anticipates further dissemination of content on the internet, as they have only recently initiated the release of explicit photographs.

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Shakira has not disclosed whether she has initiated legal proceedings against those behind the leaked photos, however, further information is still pending for us to ascertain.


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