Shakira Shakira

Shakira Shakira Lodges Theft Case Against Arinaitwe Herbert Who Stole Her Phone and Leaked Her Intimate Photos

Singer Shakira Shakira has taken legal action against Arinaitwe Herbert aka Herbert the Hacker, who allegedly leaked her intimate photos without her consent after stealing her phone.

The theft case has been filed in response to the unauthorized dissemination of personal and private images, which is a violation of Shakira’s privacy and rights.

The incident caused immense distress and embarrassment to Shakira, who revealed that the photos in circulation were intended for private use only and were never meant to be shared with anyone else.

In subsequent media interviews, Shakira issued a formal apology to the general public and her fans. She acknowledged that the unfortunate incident was unintentional, attributing it to her phone falling into the wrong hands.

She claimed that the individuals attempted to extort a significant sum of money from her in exchange for not disseminating the photos.

Shakira has publicly expressed her unwillingness to engage in bribery with her perpetrators, cautioning the public to remain vigilant as there is a possibility of additional explicit content being leaked.

Shakira Shakira

Earlier today, Shakira disclosed on Snapchat that she had received information indicating that renowned city hacker, “Herbert the Hacker,” was responsible for the theft of her mobile device and the unauthorized dissemination of her explicit material on various social media platforms.

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Shakira disclosed that Arinaitwe Herbert, famously known as “Herbert the Hacker,” was also responsible for the unauthorized dissemination of explicit photographs of media personality and socialite Martha Kay, as well as the perpetration of sexual assault against six young women in previous years.

The singer has subsequently lodged a report of theft with the Nateete Police Division, citing reference SD REF; 06/17/10/23, against Arinaitwe Herbert.

Shakira Shakira


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