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She Had My Nude Pictures; Bruno K on Why He Cut Off Communication With Vanessa

Singer Bruno Kiggundu alias Bruno K has opened up about why he cut off communication with his baby mama Vanessa.

A couple of years back, Bruno K was embroiled in a romantic relationship with his baby mama Vanessa.

The two cemented their bond with the welcoming of their son Seth Kiggundu, albeit Bruno K deemed it a mistake.

For reasons best known to the pair, their relationship hit a dead end, and each went separate ways.

However, a while back, Vanessa came public, claiming Bruno K did not only dump her but also neglected their son Seth Kiggundu.

Bruno K

Fast forward, Bruno revealed that he was uncertain about the baby’s paternity, hence a DNA test was conducted before the results pinned him as the biological father of Seth.

While taking part in an interview, Bruno K was questioned why he cut off communication with Vanessa.

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The singer ascribed his decision to Vanessa’s possession of his intimate photos, which she frequently used as leverage to threaten to leak to the media if he didn’t agree with her demands.

The Omuwala singer emphasized further that, as if that weren’t bad enough, Vanessa frequently displayed these images to those in her social circle, which he found to be quite unethical.

Bruno K maintained that even when he discontinued talking to Vanessa, he linked her with his sister to pass on the message whenever she needed him.

Have a look at the video below.



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