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“Sheebah Did Nothing For Me to Deserve My Gratitude” Cindy on Thanking Sheebah for the Battle

Dancehall singer Cindy Sanyu has revealed that it is only Victory University that owes her gratitude and not her nemesis Sheebah Karungi.

After holding a successful music battle a few weeks back, Sheebah Karungi took to her socials and expressed gratitude to Cindy Sanyu for accepting to take part in the Yolo Festival – Battle edition.

Netizens expected Cindy Sanyu to reciprocate with the same gesture, but all was in vain. In her appreciatory social media post, Cindy conveyed gratitude to Victoria University claiming it gave her an opportunity to be the first artiste on the battle edition.

Thank you Victoriauniversity for the opportunity to be the first artiste on the battle edition. Your event has changed the game totally and I’m grateful.

While appearing in an interview with Spark TV, Cindy was asked why she overlooked Sheebah while giving thanks.

Cindy Sanyu

In her response, the self-proclaimed King Herself noted that it was Victoria University that invited her and offered her the platform at the concluded event, and not Sheebah.

Cindy maintained that if Sheebah appreciated her, that was well and good, but for her, she had nothing to appreciate her for.

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Cindy made it clear that when Sheebah Karungi does something worthy the praise, she will give her flowers, but regarding the music battle, she did nothing that is worth the recognition.


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