Cindy Sanyu, Sheebah Karungi

Sheebah Karungi Appreciates Nemesis Cindy For Accepting to Be Part Of the Battle

Singer Sheebah Karungi has taken to her socials to accept fellow singer Cindy Sanyu for being part of their just-concluded music battle.

On 15 September 2023, Sheebah Kalungi and Cindy Sanyu took to Kololo Independence Grounds to engage in a musical duel.

Besides settling their musical disagreements, the two musicians became several millions richer by the end of the intense music battle.

Earlier today, Sheebah took the initiative to thank several service providers, who did their hardest to make sure that her musical duel with Cindy ended amicably.

She thanked Victoria University and its Vice-Chancellor Dr. Lawrence Muganga for believing in her and buying her idea of the music battle, pointing out that many had tried but the idea had failed to come to life.

Special thanks to Victoria University Kampala Uganda and my brother Dr. Muganga for believing in my idea of the battle with no hesitation cause so many tried but the idea never came to life but then again God’s timing is always the best.


Additionally, Sheebah thanked her nemesis Cindy Sanyu for accepting to be part of the battle, mentioning that it has reshaped the music industry.

Sheebah stressed that for the first time in Ugandan events history, two local females brought the biggest turn-up ever.

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The Karma Music proprietor further disclosed that as the main organizer of the event and founder of the Yolo Festival, she will forever hold the memories dearly, owing to it being her first and definitely not the last event, before ensuring to avail the dates for her next show’s edition.

Thank you Cindy Sanyu for accepting the battle that has reshaped the music industry. For the first time in Ugandan events history, 2 local Females brought the biggest turn-up ever.
As the main event organiser and founder of the Yolo Festival, I will forever hold this dearly because this was my first and definitely not the last event. Details for the next Yolo festival coming soon.
To Our super FANS and UGANDA at large, You made this happen! Thank you, we love you and appreciate you


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