Sheebah Karungi

Sheebah Karungi Tears Up During Her Victory Party In Light of a Battle With Cindy

Singer Sheebah Karungi went emotional and teared up midway through her victory party at the UNMF headquarters in Mutundwe.

In light of her purported victory over nemesis Cindy Sanyu at their just-concluded music battle at Kololo Independence grounds, Sheebah Karungi was treated to a congratulatory party by fellow UNMF members.

The party which was held on Saturday night, featured a number of music industry stakeholders, who rubbed shoulders and feasted throughout the night.

Lydia Jazmine, Eddy Kenzo, Nina Roz, Lilian Mbabazi, Ray Signature, Zahara Totto, Chozen Blood, and many others attended in person to celebrate Sheebah’s victory.


While addressing the congregation, Sheebah rallied fellow musicians to support each other, before assuring her support to whoever would be there for her genuinely.

We need to be together because we pass through almost the same problems and no one will understand them. They will attack us all but we should have each other’s backs, and fight for ourselves because those fighting us are many.

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Midway through the party, as Sheebah Karungi expressed gratitude to the UNMF for their esteemed support throughout the music battle, Sheebah went emotional before breaking down in tears while hugging one of the federation stakeholders.

@isaac…ugshe’s crying 😭😭 Bambi♬ original sound – Isaac..ug


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  1. congratulations my one and only queen 👑 you are and will always be the number one even though we have many haters don’t mind them we have a future to work on so don’t mind them once again congrats 🎉👏

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