Sipapa’s Letter to Friends Who Deserted Him Ahead of His Second Christmas in Prison

City socialite Sipapa has written an open letter to his friends and relatives as he prepares to spend another Christmas in prison.

Sipapa was apprehended in September 2022 for aggravated robbery and subsequently incarcerated in Luzira prison.

Throughout his time behind bars, Sipapa has experienced the loss of numerous individuals whom he once considered friends and had supported during their times of need.

Deeply affected by their actions, Sipapa has taken the opportunity from within the confines of Luzira prison to convey a message to them, particularly in light of the upcoming festive season.


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Always value a dirty paper with nice words.
Today will never be tomorrow
You may take over my position but you will never be me
Today someone may need your shoulder to lean on and you deny him or her.
Time may come when that person no longer needs you and that is when you regret and say, “I wish” but when it’s too late.
There are things that you may regret but can’t bring them back.
Leero nyinza obutaba wamugaso naye ate enkya nyinza okuba owomugaso jooli.
Oyinza okuba nga wakoowa naye nga nakunyumirizanga ebyange, ebyo’okukoowa obivaako ate notya ensi nabantu agajirimu.
Leero owulira nga oswala okunsemberera wadde okuyita erinya lyange, bambi nkusaba nti enkya tobyerabira. Katonda gweyawa omukisa ne “dollar” agironda mu kasasiro nga tewunya ate nga namu.
Esaawa tebajidusa era eyankyawa olwebizibu nkusekeredde.

Thanks to all of you.
Merry Christmas and a Happy new year
Love you all


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