Sobi’s Family Unhappy As Church Reportedly Declines to Pray for His Body

The late notorious gangster Sobbi, also known as Paddy Sserunjoji, was a figure of infamy and fear in the criminal underworld.

His reign of terror came to a violent end on Monday, December 18, 2023, when a heated altercation turned fatal, resulting in his brutal death.

The news of his demise spread like wildfire, capturing the attention of both his supporters and detractors.

In the aftermath of Sobbi’s death, his grieving family decided to transport his lifeless body to Bukunda, Masaka, his hometown.

They sought solace in the familiar surroundings and hoped to honour his memory through a funeral mass. However, their request was met with a surprising response from the Catholic Church.

Sserunjoji Paddy Sobi

Despite Sobbi’s professed belief in the Catholic faith, the church leaders declined to hold the funeral mass. This decision, as reported by the Nile Post, left the family and their supporters disheartened and disappointed.

They argued that Sobbi, despite his criminal past, deserved to be prayed for due to his service to the nation.

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The church’s refusal to conduct the funeral mass sparked a debate among the community. Some believed that Sobbi’s actions as a gangster overshadowed any potential good he may have done, while others felt that forgiveness and redemption should be extended to all, regardless of their past.


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