Dorothy Shonga

Socialite Dorothy Drops Ex-husband “Shonga” Name After

After her traditional wedding with Kingstone, Dorothy has made the decision to relinquish the name Shonga.

A few years ago, Dorothy and her ex-husband Herbert Shonga had a falling out and chose to co-parent their kids separately.

During this time, Dorothy found comfort and happiness with Kingstone. Conversely, Herbert Shonga chose to keep his current partner’s identity concealed, preferring to maintain his dating life as a private matter.

Meanwhile, Dorothy and Kingstone have taken a significant stride towards their union by recently partaking in a traditional wedding.

Dorothy Shong, Dorothy Kingston, Herbert Shonga

Following the ceremony, Dorothy announced that she had taken on Kingstone’s name, and from now on, she will be addressed as Dorothy Kingstone.

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She has also changed her social media username to Dorothy Kingstone, solidifying her commitment to her new partner.


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