Spice Diana

Spice Diana Discomforted By Fans Touching Her Thighs | VIDEO

Source Management singer Spice Diana was over the weekend discomforted by revellers who were touching her inappropriately during her performance.

While performing in Rukungiri, Spice Diana had to pause her performance to warn revellers against touching her inappropriately.

This was after the excited revellers had embarked on touching her legs and thighs, something she felt was discomforting.

Even after issuing a warning, some fans were seen unbothered, as they continued touching her calling for security intervention to stop the vice.

When I said I don’t want to be touched I meant it. I don’t want to lose my cool, I want you to exceed your limits okay? So let’s control ourselves don’t make me annoyed.
Spice Diana

Spice Diana

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Internet users have encouraged musicians to cease dressing in a way that lures partygoers to touch them inappropriately.


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