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Spice Diana Reveals She Is Not Ready to Pursue a Political Career, Hints At Starting a Family Soon

Spice Diana has recently made it clear that she has no interest in pursuing a political career, despite the constant urging from her fans.

Over the years, her philanthropic actions have led many to believe that she would be a great representative in parliament.

However, in a recent press interview, Spice Diana emphasized that politics is not her passion and she is not willing to deal with the consequences that come with it.

She firmly believes that helping people does not require one to be a politician, as it is a calling from God.

Additionally, Spice Diana mentioned that she is still young and her busy schedule does not allow her to take on political responsibilities at the moment.

Spice Diana

However, she did acknowledge that her fans have been praying for her to start a family this year. Taking this into consideration, she expressed her openness to the idea of having children.

She believes that having kids is a blessing from God and when the right time comes, she will start a family because she loves children.

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Furthermore, Spice Diana shared that her decision to have children is influenced by her upbringing. Growing up with a single mother, she does not want to bring children into the world without the assurance of a committed partner who will be present in their lives.


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