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Spice Diana Roasted for Sharing Evelyn Lagu’s Dreadful Photos

Source Management singer Spice Diana is on the spot for sharing fellow singer Evelyn Lagu’s dreadful photos on her hospital bed.

For years now, Evelyn Lagu has been battling kidney failure among other health complications that keep her in and out of the hospital regularly.

Well-wishers and fellow musicians have over the years been reaching out to her in an effort to revamp her health the most recent being Spice Diana.

During her visit to Evelyn Lagu, Spice Diana took a couple of photos depicting the former in a dreadful health condition before sharing them on her social media handles.

She will make you forget that you actually came to visit a sick person with her kibozi, so jolly. So strong and lovely Evln. Quick recovery mama. Keep those prayers and support coming in .
Reach her on +256 776 424 237 in names of Nakabira Evelyn on mobile money, with anything you have bambi God bless you. And the Good news is she entered her house that was constructed by all of you, good souls. She is so grateful.

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Spice Diana

However, Spice sharing Evelyn’s photos in such a situation didn’t settle well with a section of internet users, who embarked on criticizing her citing she made the wrong decision.

The critics pointed out that while Spice Diana’s assistance to Evelyn is deemed a good act, publishing images of the singer in such a precarious health condition was inappropriate.

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In the same vein, Evelyn Lagu came to Spice Diana’s defence, noting that she has done a lot of good things for her, and she is certain the latter has no ill intentions towards her.

Good morning ba dear ,Bambi Spice mumuleke at least she has done more good than bad I don’t think she has any bad intentions it hurts that she’s going thru this because of me she’s being discouraged and she does a lot of charity i can’t say much thanks a lot nice day nsaba busabi ba dear!Nice day

Evelyn Lagu


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