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Stop Buying Followers, Likes, and YouTube Views – A Pass Cautions Ugandan Artists

Singer Alexander Bagonza alias A Pass has cautioned fellow Ugandan artists against buying likes, followers and YouTube views.

Over the years, musicians have sought to utilize the services of likes, followers, shares, and YouTube views hawkers.

This is an effort to expand their networks for professional clout, financial gain, or even bragging rights amongst fellow artists.

However, singer A Pass is against the skyrocketing vice, as he has taken to his Twitter account to decampaign it.

A Pass

A Pass revealed that by buying phoney followers, likes, and views, a musician is doing a disservice to him/herself, claiming that real is preferable to fake.

Ugandan artists please stop buying followers and like plus views on Youtube, you are only fooling yourself. And am not saying all of you. Real is better than fake. Gold is better than bronze.

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Sheilah concurred with Apass’ observations and said that she has as well noticed some artists embarked on stream farming views on YouTube for varying reasons.

I thought I was the only one who actually sees that some people are stream farming views on YouTube


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