Alien Skin

“They Touch You to Confirm If You’re Real” Alien Skin Defends Fans Who Touch Musicians on Stage

Frangon Forest Entertainment singer Patrick Mulwana alias Alien Skin has come to fans’ defence following claims that they touch musicians inappropriately during music performances.

Following Winnie Nwagi’s humiliation of fans at two distinct hangout spots recently, divergent reactions were elicited with a section of internet users criticizing her for reacting with violence towards fans.

Others, on the other hand, defended Winnie’s stance towards disrespectful fans claiming musicians ought to be respected.

Adding his voice to many that have defended fans, is Alien Skin who has stated that fans touch musicians out of excitement.

The singer implored fellow musicians not to assault fans that touch them during performances, citing they do so to feel and confirm whether the artists they support are real.

Alien Skin

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Sometimes your fans touch you, to feel and confirm whether you’re real. Bambi temubakuba


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