Kakono Jack

TikToker Kakono Jack Shares Enduring Trauma Caused By Gravity Omutujju Coercing Him To Eat His Waste

TikToker Kakono Jack shares a distressing incident where rapper Gravity Omutujju compelled him to consume his own excrement after apprehending him for insulting his mother.

In September last year, Kakono utilized his TikTok platform to engage in a verbal altercation, directing a barrage of insults towards rapper Gravity Omutujju’s mother.

Subsequently, Kakono was apprehended by Gravity Omutujju’s associates, who detained him at their premises for an extended period.

They escorted him to the rapper’s mother, where he offered his apologies for baselessly attacking her.

Kakono Jack

However, while still under the custody of Gravity Omutujju, Kakono was coerced into consuming his own faeces as a form of punishment.

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Despite eventually being released, Kakono Jack expresses the lasting trauma caused by this incident, which will remain etched in his memory until his final breath.

Kakono Jack was subsequently transferred to the Police, where he voiced his discontent regarding the actions of Gravity Omutujju and his associates towards him, yet no action was taken.


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