Gravity Omutujju,

TikToker Mivule Raises Copyright Infringement Claims Against Gravity’s “Twakulira Kumpaka” Song

TikTok user Mivule Grace, known for his popular Lusoga phrases on the platform, accuses singer Gravity Omutujju of copyright infringement.

Gravitty Omutujju used Mivule’s sound “Twakulira Kumpaka” in his latest song without obtaining permission from Mivule.

Mivule expressed his frustration on TikTok, stating that Gravitty Omutujju should compensate him for using his sound and emphasizing that he is not the rapper’s songwriter.

Mivule also mentioned that Gravity Omutujju has never supported him in any way and should not profit from his content.

Gravity Omutujju

Furthermore, Mivule revealed that when he recently used Muzeeyi Jemba’s content, he reached out to him and provided compensation.

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He raised doubts about whether Gravity Omutujju is treating him in a disparate manner due to his affiliation with the Busoga tribe and pledged to voice his discontent until the rapper addresses his concerns.

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