UB40 Ft Ali Campbell

UB40 Ft Ali Campbell Reaffirms Performance in Uganda, Puts to Bed Prior Legal Threats

UB40 Ft Ali Campbell, the iconic reggae band, is set to grace the vibrant music scene of Uganda with their highly anticipated performance.

This exciting announcement effectively dismisses any previous legal reports that may have cast doubt on the band’s ability to perform in the country.

With their signature blend of reggae, pop, and soul, UB40 Ft Ali Campbell has captivated audiences worldwide for over a decade now, since the detachment from the original UB40 in 2008.

It is important to note that UB40, via their website, released a press statement disassociating themselves from the Uganda event upon crossing paths with several advertisements on social media. Furthermore, they emphasized that Ali Campbell did not have the authority to use the band’s name to soar his obligations.

However, despite any legal challenges that may have arisen in the past few days, UB40 Ft Ali Campbell is unfazed and is committed to giving their Uganda fans the best of their performance come 21 December 2023 at Kololo Independence Grounds courtesy of Talent Africa and NBS TV.

UB40 Ft Ali Campbell

UB40 Ft Ali Campbell has cemented their commitment to perform in Uganda with a subsequent press statement, emphasizing that the band has full rights to use the name UB40, as Campbell is the proprietor of the group and even after his departure, he retains the right to use the band’s name in all of his endeavours.

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Fans can anticipate being transported to a realm of captivating tunes, invigorating beats, and intellectually stimulating verses, as the band seamlessly intertwines their vast collection of songs, spanning over ten years.



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