Ugaboys, Daddy Andre

Ugaboys Recount When Daddy Andre Expelled Them From His Studio

The talented singing duo of the Ugaboys recently reminisced about the obstacles they encountered while striving to establish themselves in the music industry.

During an interview with Sanyuka TV, Sulaiman Malinga and Muhammad Musungi, the Ugaboys members, expressed their disappointment with Daddy Andre, a renowned singer and producer, for forcibly ejecting them from his studio several years ago.

According to the Ugaboys, in their early years, they were found sitting in Daddy Andre’s studio when he abruptly instructed them to leave and threw their shoes outside.

They further disclosed that this incident occurred two years ago when Daddy Andre expelled them and acknowledged more established musicians such as Spice Diana.


After some time had passed, they returned to Daddy Andre’s studio, only to be informed that they would never produce a hit song throughout their entire music career with their style of music.

Nevertheless, they are pleased to have proven their critics wrong and proudly stated that even their detractors now listen to their music.


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