Paddy Kitayimbwa

Uganda Police reportedly initiates search for Paddy Kitayimbwa due to violation of bail conditions

Uganda Police has reportedly launched a nationwide search for journalist and blogger Paddy Kitayimbwa, also known as Ray Supasta, due to an alleged violation of his bail conditions.

Kitayimbwa was reportedly arrested on September 23rd, 2023, for possessing the National Unity Platform’s red beret, which is considered illegal.

Despite being granted bail with the condition to report to the police monthly, Paddy Kitayimbwa failed to do so in April, leading to the initiation of a countrywide manhunt.

The red beret has been a symbol of resistance against the government, and its possession often leads to arrests.

The police consider it an unlawful item reserved for law enforcement use. The Uganda Police are urging anyone with information on Kitayimbwa’s whereabouts to come forward to aid in his arrest.

Paddy Kitayimbwa

Non-compliance with bail conditions is a serious offense under Ugandan law and may result in further legal consequences for Kitayimbwa once he is found.

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As the manhunt continues, Kitayimbwa’s case becomes a focal point in the broader conversation on political activism and the rule of law in Uganda.


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